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BIM Consulting are leaders in the application of digital technology in the design & delivery of projects. We cover all the bases of digital delivery from design review with virtual reality to detailed BIM management working alongside the project team to global management and overview of project models. About Us

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Visualisation & VR
Walk though the facilities at all stages of design VR presentation to a group of people at a table
Specialist modelling
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Targeted solutions with practical advice 3d cad image of internal structure of building with ducting

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Merry Christmas from all the staff at BIM Consulting! If you need a fully parametric Dynamo Christmas star, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks Setareh Motlagh for that bright idea!

We've had a great success on our first collaboration with drone operators Skycam Solutions https://lnkd.in/gHx7Hyk mapping the roof of a heritage building for a Digital Twin remodelling exercise. Great photography leads to great 3D mapping data.

Congratulations to Steve Fox on a terrific presentation at TEMC 2018 on 'Visualising the campus precinct with spatial data.' https://lnkd.in/eaYmS8R We'll never get tired of your Steve Fox Tekken reference and his incredible data attributes.

We had a lot of fun today round tripping files. ELVIS (open source spatial data: https://lnkd.in/gMYRqgw) >LAS>CloudCompare>CSV>Rhino>Grasshopper; and ELVIS>ASC (Digital Elevation Model)>Civil3D>Revit; and ELVIS>LAS>ReCap>Revit. Try it, it's easy and rewarding.

Welcome Mugdha Shelgaonkar to the Digital Delivery Team! Mugdha is  in a select group of six graduates from Australia's first, and inaugural BIM degree at University of Western Australia: https://lnkd.in/g3CrH8G We can't wait to see how Mugdha delivers her expertise of Digital Delivery on the Chau Chak Wing Museum project, and Cranbrook Senior School Redevelopment.

We're pleased to be part of the River Fox Partner Program with https://www.inspacexr.com It's an easy to use plug and play VR app for Revit with great interactive tools, and complete with BIM functionality.

All sixteen staff have completed a buildingSMART Australasia BIMcreds qualification. Well done everyone! The team studied really hard, gaining terrific insight along the way.  Sure we rock at 3D modelling, but we want to contribute better to the industry by understanding the other stuff: procurement methods, contracts, protocols, industry standards, Integrated Project Delivery, information exchange, just to name a few.....

Karolin Hughes having fun with Autodesk Recap Photo. Photogrammetry of a sculpture needs some touching up before converting into Revit. 

We really enjoyed our latest Revit & BIM implementation for SJE Consulting (Structural Engineers). A special thanks to Graphic Dimensions Ltd who provide terrific Revit Structure training material. #training

Happy to share that BIM Consulting has been appointed to provide design stage digital delivery (BIM) services to Monash University for their TEd (Technology Education Building) project. Established by Monash’s Engineering and IT Faculties, the TEd building will challenge best practice and set a new standard by defining next practice in building design and teaching and learning.

Thanks to SkyCam solutions for the amazing panoramic photos taken with our 360° camera. https://lnkd.in/gz6AzYy
We can't wait to overlay them in our VR Residential experience.

Steve Fox speaks to Architecture & Design about how virtual reality and augmented reality, cloud-based collaboration, and 3D modelling and computation are already changing the way architects design buildings. Read the article here: 

Merry Christmas from all the staff at BIM Consulting!  If you need a fully parametric Christmas tree, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Facilities Management
Examinationion and analysis of site wide design opportunities and constraintsdiagram of facilities

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BIM Consulting is a silver member of buildingSMART and the open BIM initiative emphasising our software neutral position. BIM Consulting are subscribers to BIMMEP Aus, the leading Services industry BIM initiative for the Australian construction sector. More

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BIM Leaders

Steve Fox and Rodd Perey lead the BIM Consulting team and are widely acknowledged as BIM leaders nationally and internationally. Rodd and Steve are both Autodesk Certified Professionals. With their insight and strategic approach, paired with their experience on a range of projects, BIM Consulting clients can have comfort that their projects will be delivered to the highest quality.

Rodd and Steve regularly speak at local and international industry events, present for technology companies and lecture at leading Australian universities. Steve is a committee member of SydBIM. Rodd sits on the Australian Institute of Architects/ Consult Australia BIM Education Working Group and a number of other BIM related committees. People