Analysis & Feasibility

We’ll report in great detail on the data gathering phase and outline key findings and objectives.
Documentation would typically include:

  1. Defining the framework for the data gathering phase.
  2. Classification of the stakeholder requirements to align with a potential approach framework.
  3. Identification of the ‘Problem Statement.’ Through background analysis in the data gathering phase, identifying the fundamental issues and problems facing the organisation.
  4. Defining the ‘Purpose Statement.’ Outlining the key objectives for the organisation.
  5. Identification of current maturity levels of process and people vs future maturity levels based on stakeholder requirement.
  6. Current functional procedures.
  7. Business Requirements.
  8. Assumptions and Constraints.
  9. Assessment of options based on functions and requirements in context of any business strategy.
  10. Assessment methodology and evaluation criteria.
  11. Risk assessment of viable options.
  12. Recommended options for further analysis.