BIM Delivery Services

BIM Consulting are leaders in the application of digital technology in the design & delivery of projects. We strongly believe in the philosophy, ‘build it digitally first,’ and we firmly believe that adopting BIM is fundamental to the success of projects. We cover all the bases of digital delivery from design review with virtual reality to detailed BIM management working alongside the project team to global management and overview of project models. We regularly perform a dedicated BIM Management role to ensure the delivery of our projects from all team members is compliant with requirements for innovation led developments. Our Technical Consultants are experts in unifying the 3D collaboration effort and we’ve seen that better collaboration yields better results on the building site.

Our experience in BIM Management ensures that BIM will drive significant end to end efficiencies during the design & delivery process. Designers, engineers, cost consultants, contractors, manufacturers and owners & operators will all benefit from the sophistication produced by our well managed digital process.