BIM Policies

Project BIM Brief

Ideally every BIM project needs early establishment of the project BIM requirements. We offer a service to create tailored Project BIM Briefs which outline the proposed use of BIM processes and expected outcomes for your project. In essence they will specify the requirements for the project team to deliver models from all trades and disciplines that are complete in nature, and to a reliably accurate tolerance in the installed positions. They will also detail the modelling & data standards such that the models can be adapted to downstream use in the construction phase and beyond into lifecycle management (including refurbishment).

The Project BIM Brief will take into account a range of BIM uses and opportunities that may relevant to the client and to the project. We review the NATSPEC BIM uses at the commencement of each project for potential inclusion:

  • Modelling existing conditions (context to a new project)
  • Site analysis
  • Space and equipment validation
  • Architecture – spatial and material design models
  • Design visualisation for communicating functional analysis
  • Documentation
  • Code checking
  • Sustainability evaluation
  • Structural modelling analysis
  • Energy analysis
  • MEP virtual testing and balancing
  • Lighting analysis
  • Other engineering analysis
  • Quantity Takeoff and cost planning – 5D
  • Clash detection/ coordination
  • Construction system design
  • Digital fabrication
  • Construction scheduling and sequencing – 4D
  • Site utilisation planning
  • Lift planning
  • Digital setout
  • COBie/ commissioning
  • Other FM information handover/ commissioning systems
  • Security assessment and disaster planning

BIM Execution Plan

BIM Consulting has created dozens of individually tailored BIM Execution Plans for a range of clients and for a range of project procurement routes. We can produce either design or construction stage BIM Execution Plans depending on the project stage and we’ll define specifically how the project will be executed, monitored and controlled over the project stage duration. The project team will have the opportunity to agree on model information exchange: to who & how frequently, and will agree on the extent and nature of 3D virtual reviews. A modeling plan and a collaboration plan will be outlined in accordance with the Project BIM Brief. We take pride in our plans that they are practical, easy for clients to understand and concise in nature.