Connected and experienced

BIM Consulting is a silver member of buildingSMART and the openBIM initiative emphasising our software neutral position. BIM Consulting are subscribers to BIM­MEP Aus, the leading Services industry BIM initiative for the Australian construction sector.

Steve Fox and Rodd Perey lead the BIM Consulting team and are widely acknowledged as BIM leaders nationally and internationally. Rodd and Steve are both Autodesk Certified Professionals. With their insight and strategic approach, paired with their experience on a range of projects, BIM Consulting clients can have comfort that their projects will be delivered to the highest quality.

Rodd and Steve regularly speak at local and international industry events, present for technology companies and lecture at leading Australian universities. Steve is a committee member of SydBIM. Rodd sits on the Australian Institute of Architects/ Consult Australia BIM Education Working Group and a number of other BIM related committees.