point cloud image Australia Post, Chullora

Australia Post, Chullora

As part of Australia Post’s expansion program to increase parcel capacity BIM Consulting was engaged to assist the design coordination effort with a specific goal to optimise the services design around the conveyor equipment.

BIM Consulting undertook the coordination, management, review and audit of all consultant 3D models for the new Australia Post facility at Chullora. Utilising the architectural, structural, mechanical and specialist conveyor equipment models BIM Consulting created a federated model to identify  geometric clashes between the various disciplines. We modelled the existing facility from point cloud data to ensure accurate design proposals would translate to seamless installation.

Prior to fabrication of the complex conveyor facility we also modelled and reviewed all required clearances for the conveyors in order to identify clashes between the major disciplines.

Factory floor photo
3d model
3d model
3d model