• Equinix Data Centre
  • Equinix Data Centre
  • Equinix Data Centre

Equinix Data Centre ME1 (Stage 3A & 4A)


BIM Consulting was engaged by FDC (VIC) to assist in the 3D design coordination with the sub-contractor team.  The highly complex building services were able to be optimised with the use of BIM modelling and a 3D review process. The clash detection process revealed some significant design issues that would have a substantial impact downstream in installation. The cooperative nature of the project team led to a swift turnaround of the issues.  Clash detection was undertaken completely remotely which provided a huge advantage to the team.  They could dial into a web hosted meeting from the comfort of their individual offices.

Equinix Data Centre

1 Bligh Street, Sydney

  • 3 buildings

1 Parramatta Square, Parramatta

  • 3d visualisation of building

100 Mount Street, North Sydney

  • 3d visualisation of building

Harbord Diggers Redevelopment

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Macarthur Clinical School - Campbelltown Hospital Site

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Waterbank Building J, Perth

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Australia Post, Chullora

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Australian National University, Canberra

  • Australian National University

Equinix Data Centre ME1 (Stage 3A & 4A)

  • Equinix Data Centre

Knox Grammar, Wahroonga

  • Knox Grammar

Melbourne Data Centres

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New Science Facility, Parramatta

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Sydney Adventist Hospital

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